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I may not have been responsible for more jazz reissues than anyone else I know, but I certainly have to be ranked among the Top Ten, probably the Top Five.  Most of these continue to be from sessions I produced in the first place — so I know what they sounded like to begin with and what they should sound like today.

When I say that Joe Tarantino remains my first choice as a mastering engineer, as he has been for at least a decade, I'd think you ought to pay attention to this voice of experience.    

Orrin Keepnews founder of Riverside Records, Milestone Records, and Landmark Records

I was startled by the totally lifelike sound of the music. I found it to be far more analog-sounding than most any other CD I owned. The whole thing was 1,000 percent better than any other version I’d heard of this music. I had a hard time believing I was listening to a CD; the difference was that shocking. Turns out most of these new discs were remastered by Joe Tarantino, now working as a freelancer, but still the primary wizard behind Fantasy’s jazz reissues. Even if you already own the material, you owe it to yourself to try these new reissues.

The music comes through as never before.  

Mike Quinn Jazz Times, June 2008